Jay Baumgardner is a super talent who caters to clients that want a Producer, Mixer and Engineer who actually listens to their music and cares about the end product. With Jay, his numerous clients know that it’s not just about a paycheck for him, but an exceptional music recording experience that never fails to surpass expectations (regardless of how his clients have set them). With his top notch services and vast experience, clients feel comfortable that the quality that they are striving for will never be compromised when working with him, and that the integrity of their sound will always be considered, first and foremost.

NRG Recording Studios, of which Jay is the founder, is an all inclusive recording studio. It’s Jay’s home away from home, and where his magic is made. NRG Recording Studio features 2 full tracking rooms and one mix/vocal room. The unique style and amazing clientele at NRG have unsurpassed notoriety in the studio business. Clients such as Linkin Park, Bush and John Fogerty have camped out in the comfort of each of NRG’s amenity-packed rooms for months at a time. NRG also boasts an impressive array of pro gear, and is well known for always staying at the forefront of modern technology to give their clients the best possible recording experience.

If you have been looking for a US Music Producer, US Music Mixer, or music production hollywood, then Jay can help you to create a masterpiece at the superior facilities that are found at NRG. Though the studio is based in Los Angeles, Jay has worked with clients from all across the globe, with notable acts in Brazil, Japan, Australia and a myriad of other locations.

For booking inquiries for Jay, please contact Rene Mata at AAM at